The Dwarven

All but a few thaigs outside Orzammar were thought lost entirely.

This was not strictly true.

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The first time darkspawn brought their taint to Thedas, they poured out from under the earth, mainly using the Deep Roads as a means to get to the surface. Dwarva everywhere fought them, but they were entirely too much to handle. in 1155 TE, most of the Great Thaigs and smaller Thaigs alike were deemed lost to the darkspawn's onslaught, and the paths leading to them from the thaigs left remaining were destroyed. Hormak was among those lost thaigs from the First Blight, thought by Orzammar and Kal-Sharok both to be lost and destroyed. Neither thought any other thaigs could have survived—but they were wrong. At least one did.

Parts of the Whole:


After 1155 TE and the First Blight

Nearly all sections of the Deep Roads connecting the thaigs were destroyed to prevent darkspawn from overrunning everything below the surface, and Orzammar and Kal-Sharok were the last of the Great Thaigs left intact, and both assumed all the other thaigs fell to darkspawn. However, there were other thaigs that were able to fend off the darkspawn long enough to close off entrances into their homes and preserves their lives, though now very nearly— if not entirely —cut off from the rest of the thaigs. (see page for more)


A Great Change was needed

The Dwarves that remained within the thaig of Hormak started out as all dwarva culture, with the hereditary caste system. Very quickly, however, once the darkspawn were no longer an imminent threat and the dwarva left to maintain their way of life realised that they needed to make some drastic changes to their long-held way of thinking in order to survive the test and obstacle of time. After constructing an aggressive defense system to their outer walls— one that seemed more offensive than not, in reality —the dwarva of Hormak could turn their efforts inward toward improving the lot of their people. (see page for more)


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As the caste system fell away in Hormak, it was replaced by guilds. There were many of the same guilds as there were castes, but as time went on, some fell out of use and others were brought in as their technology and society adapted and progressed. (see page for more)


Over a thousand years, the dwarven of Hormak lived almost entirely in seclusion, and had to hold their own against the darkspawn hordes. Thus, they developed several effective and ingenuitive machines to protect their city, which in turn lead to more everyday uses and even more discoveries as time went on. (see page for more)

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